EconX®. Genuine, economical, sustainable.

Older commercial vehicles can stay safe and on the road longer with remanufactured EconX® products from Knorr-Bremse. Original, sustainable, and in line with the vehicle's market value.

Don't reject, remanufacture!

The older a vehicle gets, the more questionable repairs become: when does it still make sense to replace a defective vehicle component with a new replacement part? Our answer is that it definitely does, with EconX, the Knorr-Bremse brand for remanufactured products. EconX ensures even older trucks, buses and trailers can stay on the road longer, while staying safe and efficient. EconX products are just as functional as new, original parts. The functionality of EconX calipers is ensured by remanufacturing processes that meet the standards we set for the OE products.


  • Excellent service: Comprehensive service for our products – from new to remanufactured items
  • Large portfolio: Knorr-Bremse TruckServices is continuously expanding its remanufactured product range
  • Identical function: No functional differences between remanufactured and new products
  • Fair price: Cost-effective alternative for economical repairs
  • Sustainable: Protect the environment and resources, up to 75 percent lower CO2 emissions through remanufacturing

Economical: OE quality at a fair price

The right replacement part for the right vehicle. EconX products are ideal for the economical repair of commercial vehicles with a limited remaining service life. Their lifetimes are tailored to the remaining expected service life of the vehicle itself. This service life is shorter than for new items, because the main components come from previously used products. However, this also makes them less expensive to construct. It also helps you optimize total cost of operation (TCO) for your commercial vehicles.

Sustainable: good for the environment

Remanufacturing is the highest form of recycling. Save money, while doing something good for the environment! Thanks to EconX products, repairing vehicles that are "in their prime" is not only more cost-effective but also sustainable. Remanufacturing used products saves raw materials and energy. It also reduces CO2 emissions by up to 75 percent, in comparison to producing a new part. This is proven by service life analyses which have been audited and confirmed by independent agencies. For a good conscience – and to protect our environment!

A matter of trust: a safe second life

When it comes to the safety of our products, we don’t differentiate between new and remanufactured. However, we know that remanufacturing, particularly of safety-relevant replacement parts, is a matter of trust. With over 60 years’ experience in remanufacturing, we have the expertise to precisely assess the remaining performance offered by used components. Our expertise is based on experience in the field: millions of miles of testing, simulated and on test benches, test tracks, and public streets. You can trust in us!

Remanufacturing process: used, but like new

This is how we work to extend the service lives of your vehicles, even once they’re “in their prime” – efficiently and sustainably. We turn a used product into a fully featured, remanufactured EconX replacement part for economical repairs in five steps:


Important warnings against remanufacturing can be found here

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