Park and shunt valves. Safely park trailers.

Manually secure vehicles. Maneuvering the uncoupled, automatically braked trailer. With Knorr-Bremse park and shunt valves, you can handle any trailer.

Two valves – one solution

Parking and maneuvering trailers made easy: with a park and shunt valve from Knorr-Bremse! The combination of a parking valve and a release valve allows you to release and brake the trailer manually when decoupled. The park and shunt valve, is installed in the supply line of the trailer. Perfect fit, thanks to OE specifications!

Park valve – use the red button to park

The park valve activates the parking brake of the trailer vehicle by aerating and venting the spring brake. Press the red actuation button to release the park brake. Whether uncoupled or coupled – the red actuation button must be pulled out to correctly park the trailer via the spring brake and ensure the parking brake is not unintentionally triggered. Better safe than sorry!

Release valve – black button to shunt

The release valve – also called shunt valve – allows an automatically braked, decoupled trailer to be moved. If the black actuation button is pushed in, the trailer brake releases and the trailer can be maneuvered by hand.

Knorr-Bremse park and shunt valves with overflow valve

Knorr-Bremse park and shunt valves in the AE437* series are equipped with an integrated overflow valve. Its task is to secure the pressure in the service brake in case of a pressure drop in the auxiliary load. To do so, the overflow valve ensures that the service brake system and park brake system are partially supplied before the auxiliary load is filled. Various double release valves from Knorr-Bremse are optimally designed for different specific trailer vehicles:

  • The park and shunt valve with overflow valve for semi-trailers and middle-axle trailers (AE4370) allows for manual actuation of the parking brake (red button). The black button is used to maneuver the decoupled trailer.
  • A front axle valve (FAV) is also integrated in the park and shunt valve with overflow valve for drawbar trailers (AE4371). It brakes the front axle once the supply line of the trailer is decoupled. To move the drawbar trailer for coupling, the red actuation button must be pulled out, then the black button must be pushed in.


  • Cover both new and old applications
  • Most available as rationalized variants
  • Product range of the largest market competitors replaceable in many cases
  • Perfect fit and optimal function thanks to OE specifications
  • Easy installation thanks to quick connection coupling

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