ProFleet Assist Gen 2. Retrofittable. Visionary.

The retrofittable driver assistance system ProFleet Assist Gen 2 for commercial vehicles is always looking ahead. It warns drivers visibly, audibly and safely of potential risks on the road.

Your third eye – for improved road safety.

Drivers have a clear view of what is happening in front of their vehicles with the retrofittable front camera system ProFleet Assist Gen 2, powered by Mobileye®, an Intel Company. And it doesn’t end here: The system provides the driver with an audible warning, as well as/or a visible warning on the EyeWatchTM Display when the camera detects certain potential hazards. The display shows what’s happening in front of the driver's cab, and warns the driver when certain potential risks are detected - from a potential collision with the vehicle ahead, a pedestrian, or a cyclist, to continuous Headway Monitoring to Lane Departure Warning to Traffic Sign Recognition.

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Retrofit your vehicle fleet. Thanks to the extensive Alltrucks network, partner workshops are available throughout Europe to install ProFleet Assist or ProFleet Assist+ Gen 2 quickly and reliably, also in your region.

ProFleet Assist Gen 2 helps keep a safe distance: Headway Monitoring

Don’t drive too close, keep your distance. Our cutting-edge driving assistant helps commercial vehicle drivers to keep a safe distance from the vehicles in front at all times. How does it work? The master camera mounted on the windshield hosts the main processor for the front assistant functions, in addition to the beeper. It calculates a safe headway distance, measured in seconds, and issues warnings when the driver’s vehicle gets too close to the one in front. This is a big improvement in safety.

Saving lives: Collision warning

Preventing accidents and thereby saving lives is a clear goal of our ProFleet Assist Gen 2 driver assistance system. The master camera captures what is happening in front of the vehicle. The sophisticated computer vision software which is embedded in the master camera analyzes in real-time what is happening in front of the vehicle and warns the driver of potential hazards. The Forward Collision Warning assistant issues a direct warning of possible collisions, for instance if the front vehicle brakes suddenly or significantly reduces speed.

Pedestrian collision warning, incl. bicycle rider detection

The Pedestrian Collision Warning, which includes also the detection of cyclists, facilitates even more traffic safety. The ProFleet Assist Gen 2 software issues fewer false alarms since it is designed to specifically detect pedestrians and cyclists. It’s a genuine life saver!

Stay safely on track: Lane assist

ProFleet Assist Gen 2 is a loyal assistant and companion in the driver's cab of any commercial vehicle. While always looking forward, it detects in real time when the commercial vehicle changes lanes. The lane assistant issues a visible and/or audible warning when the driver apparently unintentionally leaves the lane, e.g. when an indicator was not activated. The Lane Departure Warning can raise driver’s awareness for a careful driving style for instance by consequently using their indicator when turning. It’s better to drive safer!

Adapted driving: Traffic Sign Recognition

The retrofittable ProFleet Assist Gen 2 improves safety on the roads – in any traffic situation. The master camera continuously monitors the front and detects potential hazards. Traffic Sign Recognition is an additional forward-looking feature. The system can identify speed limits and compare these with the vehicle's current speed; it issues a warning when the speed is above the detected limit, thus facilitating a more adapted driving style.


Easily retrofittable ProFleet Assist Gen 2 safety system

Your commercial vehicles can drive more safely with the ProFleet Assist Gen 2 driver assistance system, regardless whether they are traveling on motorways, in rural areas or in the city. This improves safety not only for your driver, but for all road traffic participants. Driver assistance systems can help save lives. Upgrade your fleet now; the Alltrucks network of partner workshops is available across Europe to install ProFleet Assist or ProFleet Assist⁺ Gen 2 quickly and reliably, also nearby.

Turning assistant

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