Brake control valves. Pressure, with sensitivity.

Brake control valves for conventional braking control – available from Knorr-Bremse in a full range for commercial vehicles. Thanks to over 100 years of experience with valves.

Compressed air with precision volume –

thanks to brake control valves. These valves allow precise delivery of compressed air volume to the components of the braking system, to ensure your vehicles brake safely, every time, no matter their load – laden or unladen.

Knorr-Bremse brake control valves – complete product range

Knorr-Bremse has over 100 years of experience in developing and manufacturing brake valves. Based on this experience, today we offer an extensive range of brake control valves for trucks, buses and trailers. Our product range covers all the demands of a conventional braking system, including foot brake valves, hand brake valves, relay valves, brake pressure regulators, trailer control valves, air suspension valves and selector valves for operating with containers – also as a perfect addition to the electronic control system.


  • Cost-efficient and economical replacement parts and service kits
  • Cover both new and old applications
  • Most available as streamlined variants
  • Product range of the largest market competitors replaceable in many cases
  • Perfect fit and optimal function thanks to OE specifications

Hand brake valve

Hand brake valves are available with and without a test setting and micro switch.

Foot brake valve

Foot brake valves are available with and without an electronic micro switch.

Relay valve

Brake pressure regulators are available with or without an integrated relay valve.

Perfectly adapted brake pressure regulators

As a vehicle brakes, its weight is transferred from the rear to the front axle. Depending on the load in the vehicle, excessive braking pressure on the rear axle may lock the rear wheels. Brake pressure regulators are used to prevent this from happening. Automatic brake pressure regulators – with or without relays – ensure the braking pressure is adjusted to the vehicle’s load situation, for vehicles with leaf spring and air suspension. For safe braking, every time!

Hand brake valves

Hand brake valves with the control position are used in commercial vehicles with trailers. These are used to activate and release the parking brake. In the control position, the pneumatic brake in the trailer can be released so that the effectiveness of the spring brake in the towing vehicle can be checked. Variants with an emergency release device prevent automatic braking of the spring brake in the event of a defective parking brake circuit.

Foot brake valves – infinite braking pressure control

Foot brake valves are used to precisely ventilate and deaerate the multi-circuit braking system. The direct-acting dual-circuit foot brake valves MB46 and MB48 from Knorr-Bremse allow for infinite control of the braking pressure in the Brake Actuators. Load-dependent front axle control is integrated into the foot brake valve.

Trailer control valve – two lines

The trailer control valve ensures the supply and control of the pneumatic trailer braking system. It is used in towing vehicles with dual-line braking systems.

Relay valve – less air consumption

Relay valves are used, in particular, to quickly ventilate and deaerate large volumes. Using relay valves reduces the air consumption.

Brake control valves in every variant

Knorr-Bremse offers a broad portfolio of brake control valves for conventional braking control. The product range also includes brake valves with specialized functions, such as:

  • Hand brake valves with and without test position and micro switch
  • Foot brake valves with and without electronic micro switch
  • Mechanical and pneumatic brake pressure regulators
  • Static and dynamic brake pressure regulators
  • Brake pressure regulators with or without an integrated relay valve

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