Everything you need. With service kits & wear parts.

Service kits and wear parts perfectly tailored to a variety of applications. Each of our service kits contains all the components you need for fast, economical repair and maintenance. Also available for older vehicles with high mileage.

In the commercial vehicle industry, every minute counts. Downtime cannot always be avoided – but can be shortened, for example by simplifying workshop processes. We offer our service kits and wear parts to help you work quickly. The right maintenance concept for every commercial vehicle. Workshops can find everything they need for regular vehicle servicing – with consistent service quality and product safety! This has many different advantages. For vehicle owners and fleet operators: lower repair costs and minimal downtime thanks to the fast availability of the individual components. For distributors: more efficient inventory management thanks to the streamlined product portfolio. For workshops: better efficiency thanks to simplified logistics and work processes. For everyone: fully functional service kits and high-quality wear parts.

Kits & Wear Parts

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