• Turning Assistant ProFleet Assist⁺ Gen 2 from Knorr-Bremse TruckServices. Drive safely. Turn safely.

  • Turning Assistant ProFleet Assist⁺ Gen 2 from Knorr-Bremse TruckServices. Drive safely. Turn safely.

Detect hazards and avoid accidents while turning. With ProFleet Assist+ Gen 2, our retrofittable turning assistant with integrated driver assistance systems.

Making blind spots visible

Accidents frequently occur when drivers turning their commercial vehicles do not see pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists in the blind spots of their vehicles. Our goal is to minimize the risk of such accidents – for the safety of all road users. Our retrofittable driver assistance system for commercial vehicles ProFleet Assist+ Gen 2, powered by Mobileye®, an Intel Company is the solution. Together with the front camera system, the turning assistant monitors the blind spot area of the vehicle with additional side cameras and warns the driver when potential dangers occur.

Qualified Installation Partner

Alltrucks Truck & Trailer Service

Retrofit your vehicle fleet. Thanks to the extensive Alltrucks network, partner workshops are available throughout Europe to install ProFleet Assist or ProFleet Assist+ Gen 2 quickly and reliably, also in your region.

Be careful, please.

Danger zone warnings: Prevent turning accidents

The ProFleet Assist+ Gen 2 turning assistant from Knorr-Bremse TruckServices expands the driver's view when they aren’t able to monitor their blind spots. Side cameras continuously monitor what is happening on the sides of the vehicle in real time. The driver receives a warning signal if there are pedestrians, cyclists or other road users such as e-scooters in the defined danger zone in the truck's blind spot. Side displays provide a visual warning in such cases. Thanks to the easy-to-understand user interface with self-explaining symbols, the driver sees what is happening in the blind spot and can react better and faster, and safely turn.

Brake please – now!

Collision warning: Saving lives

The person detection capability of our intelligent assistant issues signals in real time indicating the need to brake immediately when detecting a pedestrian or cyclist. While Forward Collision Warning in the ProFleet Assist Gen 2 driver assistance system is focused on what is happening in front of the vehicle, the enhanced ProFleet Assist+ Gen 2 keeps an eye on the sides as well. The turning assistant from Knorr-Bremse TruckServices immediately sounds an alarm when it determines that the vehicle is on a direct collision course with a pedestrian or cyclist while turning. The collision warning allows the driver to react immediately – and such quick action can save lives.


Master Camera

The third eye:

This forward-facing camera from ProFleet Assist Gen 2 contains a gyro sensor, a speaker and the lightning-fast main processor of Mobileye (EyeQ4™ ). The camera is mounted to the windshield.

EyeWatch™ Display

Everything in view:

If the camera detects a potentially dangerous situation, the driver is given a visual signal on the EyeWatch™ display, in addition to the audio signals from the speaker adjacent to the master camera.

Side Camera

The heart of the turning assistant:

Thanks to the side camera mounted laterally towards the rear of the vehicle, the side of the vehicle is monitored while turning.

Side Display

No distractions:

The side display is mounted to the side in the driver’s cab. It displays only warning symbols so that the driver is provided with information in the best possible way without having to process too much information.

ProFleet Assist+ Gen 2: easily retrofittable

With the comprehensive Alltrucks network, you can find workshops to upgrade your commercial vehicles with ProFleet Assist+ Gen 2 throughout Europe. Boost the value of your fleet! Our turning assistant with integrated driver assistance systems is packed with cutting-edge technology: the expertise of Mobileye®, a leader in developing computer vision for vehicle safety, combined with the expertise of Knorr-Bremse in the commercial vehicle sector.

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