Loyal assistants for safer streets. Real life savers!

Commercial vehicle drivers have increased control over traffic situations with the retrofittable driver assistance systems ProFleet Assist and ProFleet Assist+ Gen 2 from Knorr-Bremse TruckServices.

ProFleet Assist Gen 2: A third eye for commercial vehicle drivers

Our driver assistance system ProFleet Assist Gen 2, powered by Mobileye®, an Intel Company, monitors the area in front of the vehicle. The master camera, which is mounted on the windscreen, detects potential hazards as they occur. The EyeWatchTM display warns at a glance the driver in real time with easy to understand visual and audio signals. The ProFleet Assist Gen 2 front camera system offers a wide range of assistance functions for commercial vehicles:

  • Forward Collision Warning of vehicles ahead of the vehicle
  • Pedestrian Collision Warning, including detection of cyclists by the front camera
  • Headway Monitoring and Warning if the driver is too close to other vehicles
  • Lane Departure Warning if the driver leaves the lane without activating an indicator
  • Traffic Sign Recognition with a warning option when exceeding the current speed limit

ProFleet Assist+ Gen 2: Blind spot warnings

The enhanced driver assistance system ProFleet Assist+ Gen 2, powered by Mobileye®, an Intel Company, additionally supports the driver with safe turning of the vehicle. Side cameras and side displays are key elements enabling the turning assistant to quickly and reliably notify drivers about hazardous situations in the blind spot. Don’t wait – act now. Our retrofittable turning assistant ProFleet Assist+ Gen 2 adds the following functions to the ProFleet Assist Gen 2 driver assistance system:

  • Turning assistant detects pedestrians and cyclists in the blind spot
  • Collision warning in case of a potential hazard in the blind spot

Two powerful partners

ProFleet Assist+ Gen 2, the retrofittable turning assistant with integrated driver assistance system, is a joint offering from Knorr-Bremse and Mobileye®, an Intel company. As a market leader for advanced driver assistance systems, Mobileye® has for more than 20 years been at the forefront of the development of computer vision for vehicle safety. Our strategic partnership combines proven Mobileye® technology with Knorr-Bremse’s commercial vehicles expertise. Vehicle fleets all over Europe can easily be retrofitted with one of the most advanced collision warning technologies available. Our common goal: safer streets for everyone!

Our loyal assistants

  • can save lives:
    Our ProFleet Assist and ProFleet Assist+ Gen 2 driver assistance systems can help avoid accidents. Mobileye®’s computer vision software can not only detect vehicles, but also specifically pedestrians and cyclists. This results in fewer false warnings and thus helps improve traffic safety with fewer distractions.
  • can be retrofitted anywhere:
    Thanks to the extensive Alltrucks network in Europe, you can find a workshop nearby to quickly and reliably install the driver assistance system for you, anywhere in Europe.
  • are for everyone:
    Commercial fleets can upgrade their vehicles with the most advanced collision warning technologies available, regardless of vehicle type and manufacturer, for safer streets for everyone.

Our Retrofittable Driver Assistance Systems