Electronic clutch actuator for sensitive precision.

Electronic clutch actuator for automatic transmissions from Knorr-Bremse: available as a new product or as a remanufactured EconX® version. Your choice!

Precise maneuvers, finely controlled shunting –

even in challenging driving situations, like driving uphill. All thanks to the electronic clutch actuator. It facilitates electrically controlled pneumatic actuation of commercial vehicles clutches. The intelligent switching technology ensures smooth, safe driving, while the creep function offers a more precise start-up process. For instance, shunting and maneuvering in narrow streets or at the loading ramp, are also easier, making the driver’s work simpler.

Automatic clutch actuation

Here is how electronic clutch actuators work: An electronically controlled actuator replaces the clutch pedal in a commercial vehicle (clutch-by-wire). Sensors integrated at relevant interfaces throughout the vehicle continuously transmit information to the controller - on the position of the clutch, the driver's shifting intentions and the current driving situation. The actuator is then responsible for converting signals from the ECU into action, by actuating the clutch.

Broad portfolio of applications

Knorr-Bremse has sold over 1.6 million electro-pneumatic clutch actuators over the last two decades. The current, second generation of the clutch actuator – available since 2015 – is fully backwards compatible with the previous version. Electronic clutch actuators from Knorr-Bremse cover a wide range of different applications. It is used in automatic transmission vehicles, clutch-by-wire applications, and hybrid applications.

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