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A service concept that has everything: all relevant replacement parts for maintaining Air Disc Brakes – with repair kits from Knorr-Bremse.

High tensile forces, extreme heat, dirt...

Brake systems in commercial vehicles are subject to enormous forces. And that’s not all. Brake components also have to withstand cold, moisture, dust and vibrations as well. Robust Air Disc Brakes from Knorr-Bremse stand up to extreme conditions for a long period of time, without losing functionality – over millions and millions of miles. Replacing wear and maintenance parts subject to heavy loads ensures every vehicle can stay on the road even longer. We have combined everything workshops need for fast, economical maintenance of Air Disc Brakes in our Air Disc Brake repair kits. The right replacement parts for every brake.

For the most common maintenance tasks

With the service concept from Knorr-Bremse TruckServices, you save in two different ways during disc brake maintenance: first, thanks to optimal repair kits, and second thanks to shorter periods of downtime. To ensure work can be completed quickly in the workshop, our repair kits contain all the replacement parts you need for reliable, safe maintenance of Air Disc Brakes, tailored to the most common repairs and to workshop needs. Knorr-Bremse TruckServices special tools can then be used to professionally install the parts. Quick. Safe. Reliable.

For the highest demands

As a manufacturer of safety relevant products, safety is always our top priority. Disc brakes in commercial vehicles need to be in perfect condition at all times – with no compromises. That is why we produce our replacement parts in accordance with OEM standards. This helps us ensure every vehicle only contains perfectly functioning products in the highest possible quality. Safe, economical, and technically up to date.

For commercial vehicles of any age

No matter how old your vehicle fleet is: We supply drivers and fleet operators with everything their brakes need for a long vehicle life, across the entire life cycle. You can choose between Service New products for newer vehicles, remanufactured EconX® variants for repairing older vehicles, and repair kits for commercial vehicles in any stage of life. We want vehicles, freight and drivers to reach their destinations safely, every time. Day by day, for the vehicle's whole service life.

For all common vehicle types

We offer our repair kits for maintaining Air Disc Brakes for all applications for major commercial vehicle manufacturers in which Knorr-Bremse brakes are installed. What exactly do brake kits from Knorr-Bremse contain? In short: everything you need for efficient maintenance of Air Disc Brakes. Our product portfolio also includes tools and Tool Kits for disc brakes. In addition to rationalized calipers and EconX calipers, our service concept also includes the following repair kits:

  • Brake pad kit
  • Brake disc
  • Guide and seal kit
  • Tappet and Boot kit
  • Brake carriers
  • Brake pad wear indicator kit
  • Adjuster cap kit


  • Lower repair costs thanks to optimally tailored repair kits
  • Shorter downtimes thanks to fast availability of individual products
  • For all common vehicle types
  • Excellent OE quality
  • Conform to the latest technological standards

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