Turbochargers. Creating space for more air.

Restore the power and efficiency of commercial vehicles. With turbochargers from Knorr-Bremse TruckServices.

Use energy instead of wasting it

Turbochargers make it happen! Instead of simply piping exhaust out into the environment, use the pressure, heat and flow of the exhaust to compress intake air to the engine. The higher air flow increases engine performance – with lower fuel consumption and less emissions. Our mission is getting commercial vehicles back on the road again quickly, safely – and “cleanly!” This is why the Knorr-Bremse TruckServices portfolio includes turbochargers in OEM quality. A clean choice!

More power! How turbochargers work

A turbocharger essentially consists of two components. The first is an exhaust turbine, which is made up of a turbine housing and turbine wheel. The turbine draws its energy from the vehicle's exhaust. The other component is the compressor, which consists of a housing and compressor wheel. The turbine and compressor are connected by a shaft that translates the exhaust energy from the turbine wheel to the compressor wheel. Its job is to compress the air fed into the engine. This results in more air – and more oxygen – being fed into the combustion chamber. The result? More performance! Improved efficiency!

Clean and efficient for the long haul

How much fuel commercial vehicles use depends, in particular, on the engine air control. On long-distance runs, for instance, which are important for trucks, the charge air system has a significant influence over how clean and efficient a commercial vehicle is as it drives. The turbocharger plays a key role. Only when the charge pressure and engine load or speed are coordinated will the turbocharger work to its fullest potential. To make sure everything works together perfectly, Knorr-Bremse TruckServices offers a broad range of turbochargers: over 600 different part numbers from all major OE manufacturers. We deliver the right solution for most vehicles!

Turbochargers from Knorr-Bremse TruckServices

However, we offer more than a broad range of powerful turbochargers tailored to the needs of our partners and customers. In addition, we also offer installation kits designed to work with a variety of turbochargers as well. Our customers also benefit from our tight-knit logistics network, technical documentation in multiple languages and our competent technical hotline. For professionals, by professionals!


  • Turbochargers available for all major OE manufacturers
  • Broad range of different turbochargers
  • Turbo service based on proven TruckServices solutions
  • Short ordering channels thanks to a close-knit logistics network
  • Also available as remanufactured EconX turbochargers for older trucks
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