Turbochargers. New turbos for older vehicles. A decision that pays off!

Spruce up your fleet, with new “old” turbochargers. No matter the age of your vehicles. That’s what EconX® stands for: remanufactured products in OE quality.

High performing, at any age

Turbochargers use the exhaust energy to compress intake air fed into the engine. This ensures more air reaches the engine's combustion chambers, resulting in more power with the same displacement. But what should you do if the turbochargers in your older vehicles still have some service life left, but don’t exactly deliver a “turbo” boost? Should you replace them? Our answer is: absolutely! We offer turbochargers from our remanufacturing brand EconX for older commercial vehicles. Vehicles in the “prime of their life,” in particular, will be back on the road again in no time with remanufactured EconX turbochargers. Original. Economical. Sustainable.

All about turbochargers

Turbochargers can withstand a lot, despite their very high rotational speed. Generally, failures are not caused by the turbocharger itself. Reasons for failures could include:

  • Low oil quality due to excessive operating time and/or low-quality oil filters. We recommend using Knorr-Bremse oil filters
  • Low oil flow through the turbocharger caused by hose problems
  • Dirt particles in the air system because the service interval has been exceeded, or due to a low-quality air filter. We recommend using Knorr-Bremse air filters
  • Faults or leaks in the air intake system, poor calibration or used injectors; potential consequence: The turbocharger no longer works in the correct speed range
  • Poor cleaning of the intake system due to incorrect installation

Once the cause has been found, the fault can be corrected quickly and professionally in the workshop and the turbocharger exchanged. An EconX turbocharger is an efficient and economical choice, to make sure your fleet stays fast and on the road!

EconX – Remanufacturing at the highest level

Remanufacturing is the most efficient service solution for older commercial vehicles and is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly choice! That's why we offer many current turbochargers as EconX versions as well. To produce these versions, used turbochargers are professionally remanufactured according to the highest quality standards for reuse. We check every reusable component for damage. Fully functional components are remanufactured using a specialized process, and damaged parts are replaced with new ones. That means the function offered by EconX turbochargers from Knorr-Bremse TruckServices is the same as a new product of the same type. Adapted to your vehicle's needs!

EconX turbochargers from TruckServices

With our proven service solutions, your older vehicles will be back on the road again quickly – right where they belong. We support workshops in economical repairs with EconX turbochargers thanks to the advantages of our TruckServices organization. These include our comprehensive logistics network, multi-lingual documentation on our turbochargers, assembly kits adapted to a wide range of turbochargers and our technical hotline. Outstanding service, for outstanding quality!


  • Broad portfolio of EconX exhaust turbochargers
  • Turbochargers from many major OE manufacturers available
  • Proven services from TruckServices for EconX products
  • High availability thanks to a close-knit logistics network