EconX® starters and alternators. Always a good start.

The replacement parts solution from Knorr-Bremse for older vehicles: Remanufactured EconX® starters and alternators. In line with their current value!

Starting equipment for older vehicles

We all get a few aches and pains as we age – the same is true for commercial vehicles that have been on the road for many years. Day by day, mile for mile. Often under extreme conditions. Different components begin to wear. Often, in older vehicles replacing these components with new replacement parts does not make economic sense. EconX products from Knorr-Bremse TruckServices are different: Remanufactured starters and alternators ensure inexpensive repairs for commercial vehicles with short remaining service lives and help you continue driving your older vehicles for many miles to come. Non-stop!

Reliable. High-quality.

Quality, reliability and safety are our top priorities. That is why all Knorr-Bremse products are made and tested strictly according to manufacturers’ specifications. All of our products, including their EconX variants, undergo an end-of-line test. This helps us ensure they deliver OEM-level quality. That is our mission! We regularly put starters and alternators on the test bench. No vehicle can run without a starter and alternator – no matter how old it is. Replacing starters and alternators promptly in your older vehicles can prevent downtime. EconX products are in line with your vehicles’ market value.

Sustainable. Perfectly adapted.

Our specialized remanufacturing process is not only highly efficient, it also helps improve your CO2 footprint. How does it work? Used parts are remanufactured, instead of disposing of them. This makes construction less expensive and the final product cheaper, savings we then pass on to our customers. In addition, the service lives of EconX starters and alternators are adapted to the short remaining service lives of the vehicles. Environmentally conscious. Efficient.


  • Diverse: Large selection of EconX starters and alternators for light to heavy-duty commercial vehicles from all major manufacturers
  • Perfectly adapted: Ensures repairs in line with the vehicle’s market value, depending on its age
  • Sustainable: Environmentally conscious remanufacturing process
  • Reliable: excellent cold start with EconX starters, even at low temperatures
  • Resistant: EconX alternators can withstand temperatures of up to 100 °C and strong vibrations
  • Ready for use: prompt availability through our logistics and distributor network